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As a professional title report company and former real estate investors, we understand the pitfalls and red flags associated with distressed properties. We leave nothing to chance and treat each report as if it were our own. Our title researchers have experience in a multitude of fields including: Foreclosure Auctions, Short Sales, Tax Deeds as well as all standard real estate transactions. 

Sample Preliminary Title Report

Residential Property Lien Search

Take a look at the sample Owner and Encumbrance report. The O&E is the standard of the industry: it includes: Legal description, Property information with photo, Ownership Deed history, Mortgage priority and detail, any existing Liens, Property taxes.

Additional research is available.  

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Bulk Prepaid Packages

​Need more than one title search?  We've got you covered, buy in bulk and save.  Bulk packages as low as $32 per search. 

Education and Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is involved in a property title search?

A title search is usually required before purchasing real estate. The preliminary title report is to ensure the property does not have any title issues.  The search includes: a legal description, ownership of the property, deed history, mortgages, liens, judgments and property taxes.  It confirms whether the seller has the legal right to sell the property to another. In a real estate transaction, the Lender will require a title search for the purchase of title insurance to protect the bank from any liability.  The cost of the title search is usually the responsibility of the Buyer, unless otherwise specified in the contract.

2. How much does a property title search cost? 

The cost of a residential title search from a title company can be anywhere from $80 -$150. Online they can be found for about $50 and purchased in bulk for around $30 each. Commercial title searches with multiple owners/corporations can be much more difficult and involved, usually requiring a 30 year Chain of Deed and extensive research.  Therefore, Commercial Title Searches will cost around $300 and up depending on the work involved.

3. Are liens on property public record?

Most liens are recorded in the official records. Some liens, for example unpaid Home Owners Association are generally not recorded. This can be a serious issue because of the fact that HOA liens will survive a Foreclosure Auction. See our blog article “Lien Priority” for more information about HOA liens.

4. How long does a property title search take?

Online title search companies generally have a 2-3 day turnaround per search. Some companies offer a Rush Order, which for a small fee; the report can be completed within 24 hours.

5. How do I search for liens on a property?

A property lien search can be purchased online from a title search company or be performed yourself. To search for a lien yourself, it is much easier if the County has accessible online search records. Find the counties Clerk of Courts website and search the property owners name in the Official Records Section. The lien will correspond to the legal description of the property.

6. How do I do a title search on a property?

To perform an online title search, most Counties nowadays have a Property Appraisers website where you can find basic title information such as the owner’s name, deed and property tax information. These websites are usually a branch of the tax collector’s office and do not include Mortgage, Lien and Judgment information.  However, these sites can be very useful, as they contain; parcel ID, total acres, land description, all tax information, sales history, building details, sketches, and aerial photos .To perform a more thorough title report you will need to do a bit more research. Additional information, such as Mortgages, Judgments and other liens can usually be found online in the public records section of the County Clerk of Courts.  

7. What is the difference between a judgment and a lien?

Liens may be more common than you think. In fact, the most common Voluntary Lien is a Mortgage. A Lender provides the Borrower with the funds to purchase a property under specific terms of repayment.  The Mortgage instrument has what’s called an “Acceleration Clause.” When the Lender does not receive payment for a specific amount of time or other terms have been broken, the principal amount is due immediately plus any interest and fees accrued during the time of non-payment.  If this debt cannot be settled, the owner risks the property falling into Foreclosure.

There are also Involuntary Liens, such as a Mechanics Lien; where a contractor performs work on the property and is not paid.  You must satisfy this debt before you can refinance or sell your property; however, if these liens are not settled they can be paid at the real estate closing with the seller’s proceeds from the sale.

Another Involuntary Lien is a Tax Lien; the most common being due to unpaid property taxes. The Government will always get paid first, having what’s called a “Super Priority Lien.” The property will be sold at a Tax Deed Auction to the highest bidder to settle the unpaid taxes.  The surplus funds from the sale will then by split among the other creditors based on their Lien Priority. See our blog article “Lien Priority”   

A Judgment is a decision in a lawsuit by the court; it may or may not be tied to your Real Property. To find out more about any Judgment against you, visit The Clerk of Courts office online and enter their Case Search Portal.

8. What does a title search look like?

Check out a sample of our Preliminary Title Report; click the PDF to view the entire document.

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You must always consult with a real estate attorney before the purchase of any property. A Sure Title Search Vonntaj LLC cannot be held accountable to the accuracy of public records or any open liens not recorded.  This title search is meant to be used as a point of reference and should always be reviewed by a qualified attorney.

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